Sweet Persuasion” is a new way of selling. It’s not the hard sell. But it’s not the soft sell either. It’s selling based upon mutually beneficial relationships.

If you want to close more sales, eliminate objections, sell with no stress and enjoy selling: this book is for you! Sweet Persuasion will enable you to sell without the need to use trick closing techniques. It’s all about learning how to harness your most powerful asset: your unique personality

When you apply the simple and yet powerful strategies of Sweet Persuasion, selling becomes a creative process that feels good. You will learn how to close the sale when you open it, how to eliminate objections, how to get and stay motivated and much more.

You will learn the proven approach that enables you to make friends, establish trust and achieve your professional goals. It’s the perfect selling system for today’s marketplace.


Published by Simon and Schuster, 126 pages