The Future of Leadership in the Digital Age

Everybody’s got a plan until the dog comes running at you ready to take a bite of your leg. In this powerful and entertaining program, Paul Karasik recounts the true story of Clarence, a runner who showed how a simple approach to overcoming fear provided a roadmap for leadership success in business and in life.

Change in business and the world has been accelerating beyond what anyone could have ever imagined. Technology creates, recreates, and then becomes obsolete in what seems to be measured in days, not years.

A new agile leadership approach is needed. Regardless of change we are faced with, the winning leadership strategy will be harnessed by the efficiency of technology, yet be powered by the ultimate technology: the human heart and mind.

In the digital age, brilliant leaders who have achieved greatness adhere to the principles of “Running at the Dog Leadership.” They have the creative ability to imagine the future, possess a “big enough why”, engage others on an emotional level, and create a winning culture.

This program provides state-of-the-art strategies and techniques that will enable the audience to:

  • Maintain focus and effectively execute
  • Achieve long- and short-term goals
  • Get and stay motivated
  • Allow all members of the team to contribute and retain ownership
  • Experience more personal satisfaction
  • Overcome any and all obstacles fearlessly