The Secrets for Achieving Peak Performance

How do we bring more passion, joy and success into our lives?

This program will provide you with the answers.  Proven strategies and techniques will enable you to create a deeper experience of satisfaction, motivation and inspiration in your life.  Guided by these powerful insights and principles, you will create more life balance and maximize your true potential.

By applying the simple formulas provided in this program, you will manifest more consistent results in all areas of your life, both personally and professionally.

This fast-paced presentation combines entertaining stories, humor and visual reinforcement with activity-centered learning.  It is based upon Paul Karasik’s PBS National Television Special, If My Heart Could Do My Thinking.  You will be provided with the tools for:

  • Balancing “being,” “doing” and “having”
  • Visioning and writing your story
  • Accelerating success with Future Focus Momentum
  • Expanding the Life is Good Factor
  • Creating a perfect personal environment for growing
  • Making a quantum leap in your five life structures